Saturday, September 12, 2009


Now that school is back in session I have started to really use my studio for more than paying bills and blogging. I started painting and solidifying my ideas for the studio. When I paint I like to have all of my acrylics organized by color. Now that I have more than a 48” desk space in the living room and plenty of wall space I decided I wanted a shelf to hold all of my paints. This week I laid them all out and realized I needed more space than I thought. I wanted a shelf... or two that was just wide enough to hold the paint tubes. I was going to have a contractor build some for me and then I decided to take a stroll through IKEA.

Bingo… just what I needed, exactly the right length to go over the IKEA piece I am using now… but also the exact dimensions I will need when I put my vertical and plan files on that wall. (I found the perfect plan files on Craig’s list for $250.00 but they were sold by the time I called).

The shelves are called Ribba… they come in 3 lengths and both black or white. “L” hung them for me today.

I organized my paints. The top shelf is for my work in progress.

I am toying with the idea of another shelf... but for now


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Sharmila said...

Mary Beth, I love this last photo of the shelf! Beautiful! :) have a lovely weekend! ~Jen


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