Friday, August 14, 2009

Pageant of the Masters

Finally after 6 years in California and people saying… “You have not seen Pageant of the Masters??? But you are an artist.” Our Goddaughter back East even recreated a Pageant performance at her school. I decided that I had to get this one off of my kick the Bucket List. So I scored ½ price tickets to Monday nights’ performance. L and N went with no problem… but D did hid usual protest. “I hate when Mom drags us to this art stuff.” “How long is this going to take?”… But as usual he also enjoyed the performance. It is magical. We had to constantly ask for a turn with the binoculars. I think we have one him over. Next year a road trip for our niece is in order!!

It was a fabulous performance. I had heard that people dressed up to recreate famous paintings…living pictures… but I guess I never really understood what went into the performance. This year’s theme is The Muse… I liked almost all of the scenes but my favorites would have to be the relief pieces. White on white….

I also enjoyed when they actually showed us how they construct a scene… when everything is in place…the lights dim and then they come up and voila… a masterpiece…it is mesmerizing.

During a visit to Southern California make a stop at the Pageant and Laguna Beach… you will not be disappointed.

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