Monday, July 13, 2009

Bobby and Big A** Fans

Today N and I went to a Bath/Hardware Showroom to get a gasket for her shower head, price out some soap dispensers and look at some hot water/filter systems.

When I tell people that I am an Interior Designer it is always followed by “I always wanted to be a decorator and it must be so fun.” I have been a designer for more than ½ of my life and it is not always fun. Today after about 1 1/2 hours with our salesman it was so easy to explain to my daughter why design is not so fun.

The gasket was the easy part… it took only about 10 minutes… he dialed someone and passed the phone to me, I gave him my address and the gasket should be in the mail!!!

Now the rest of the questions … not so easy…

But I skipped over a very important part… He looks at me (5’-1”) and then looks at N (5’-7”)… “Wow Mom she is a lot taller than you” … “yes she is” … “is Dad tall?”… N replies “no I am as tall as him”… Now you would think that is enough but NOOOO…”well is someone in the family tall?” … “Yes” I reply. I turn to N and she mouths a “thank you” to me… Why do people have to keep going… OBVIOUSLY she got her height from someone, does it really matter who?… but I digress as did he over the next hour and half.

Ah yes… soap dispensers… when I asked him to price ONE out for me he asked how many I needed? I asked him to price ONE, but he was having trouble with that so I told him eventually 10. “What finishes he inquired? I will need 3 in Tuscan Brass and 7 in Satin Nickel. I had to ask if there was a difference in price, which of course there was not, so I am not really sure why if I wanted a price on one he needed to know how many of each finish I needed. Bobby also felt the need to ask where we were going to put the soap dispenser versus the hot water tap. I explained that the hot water tap was going to go on the right side of the sink and the soap dispenser was going to go on the left side. “No you have to put the soap dispenser on the right.” Now I should have just said okay and moved along, but no I had to explain my reasoning. Well… “I press the dispenser with my left hand and the soap goes into my right hand… because I am right handed.” … Low and behold Bobby does it the other way… he informed me that at his house he pumps with his right hand and the soap goes into his left. (Another mystery has been solved in my life …thank you Bobby.) “Well Bobby if you come to my house it will be reverse for you… Sorry.” It was at this time that my phone buzzed with a text. When I looked at the message it was from N who was sitting right next to me… “You are being so nice Mom” I am not sure how she texted as her eyes were rolling back in her head at this point, but we texted back and forth as “Bobby” looked up the pricing and asked as many questions about our life as he could.

Time to discuss the Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser. I have had a few of them over the years and with the amount of Hot tea that I drink it is well worth our investment. Bobby apparently does not like Insinkerator. He showed me some other manufacturers.. I have to give him credit, they do match our faucets better… but back to the pricing again. AHHHHH.
How many do you need? I need one, but depending on the price I may get one for my studio. I just never learn do I???? Well of course Bobby prices out the largest tank… 1000 gallons. When I try to ask him to price the 450 gallon model for my studio he asks “why?” Well even if I drink a gallon of tea each day that gives my almost 1 ½ years until I have to change the filter… so if it is cheaper I may go with that model.

More pricing for Bobby to work on… not to mention some other side conversations that he decided to have… as well as mixing in a few other manufacturers he decided to price to muddy the waters.

This is when I explained to N that as a designer you have to deal with people like this EVERYDAY sometimes multiple times a day and try to be creative and design and get your designs built. As well as dealing with crazy clients or brokers or contractors or city officials, etc. It was one of those teaching moments or teaching 1-1/2 hours.

As I was patiently waiting for more pricing, I spotted these huge fans in the ceilings. “N look at those fans, aren’t they cool?” To which N responded “those are big ass fans” … My eyes must have widened as she quickly said ”No Mom look, they really are big ass fans”… Now if that isn’t the greatest naming job ever. Big Ass Fans!!! The whole experience with Bobby was almost worth that one moment!!! “N…take a picture… this is blog material”

I will spare you the remaining time with Bobby… all I could do was think of how Dooce would blog about this same experience…

I will sum it up my way…

Blog world… here is a BIG ASS FAN!!!

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