Thursday, May 21, 2009

Juror Number 12

We are moved!!! Not completely unpacked but moved. We have already had some plumbing problems and had to have the drains snaked twice. The water backed up into the garage...thankfully clean water from the shower. We had to move a bunch of boxes that got wet, one of them being my wedding dress. Thankfully it was packed in about 3 boxes so the outer boxes got wet, but the dress was OK... not that I will be wearing it any time soon although I may try it on now that the box is not sealed any longer.
Tuesday, I had to report for Jury Duty and I was elected for a case. I always am selected. It took the morning to select the jury. One and 1/2 days of testimony and about 4 hours of deliberation. Although jury duty is never convenient it is interesting. Unfortunately, for the defendant, the evidence was overwhelming and he was convicted on all 3 counts.
So now I can resume unpacking and organizing while we patiently await the cable guy to show up tomorrow. I only hope he can get here as there was a notice that the street is going to be slurried in the morning.
It's always something.

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