Thursday, May 21, 2009

Juror Number 12

We are moved!!! Not completely unpacked but moved. We have already had some plumbing problems and had to have the drains snaked twice. The water backed up into the garage...thankfully clean water from the shower. We had to move a bunch of boxes that got wet, one of them being my wedding dress. Thankfully it was packed in about 3 boxes so the outer boxes got wet, but the dress was OK... not that I will be wearing it any time soon although I may try it on now that the box is not sealed any longer.
Tuesday, I had to report for Jury Duty and I was elected for a case. I always am selected. It took the morning to select the jury. One and 1/2 days of testimony and about 4 hours of deliberation. Although jury duty is never convenient it is interesting. Unfortunately, for the defendant, the evidence was overwhelming and he was convicted on all 3 counts.
So now I can resume unpacking and organizing while we patiently await the cable guy to show up tomorrow. I only hope he can get here as there was a notice that the street is going to be slurried in the morning.
It's always something.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interrupting my regularly scheduled packing...

I am taking this oh so short breaking from packing the seemingly endless kitchen to share some exciting news. I submitted 2 mixed media pieces to the Cloth, Paper, Scissors 2010 (first-ever) "Life is Like a Box of..." calendar contest. My "Life is Like a Box of Fortune Cookies" was selected as a semi-finalist and went to the Quilting Arts show in Chicago for the attendees to vote on their favorites. My piece was selected as a finalist and will now be in the September/October 2009 Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine due out in September and in 2010 Cloth, Paper, Scissors Calendar. I am so honored and totally excited to be included. You can get a glimpse above... it is the one in the lower left hand corner. Now back to our regularly scheduled packing!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

All at once...

All the major events in our life…birthdays, anniversary etc. happen each year from May 4th through June 15th. This year we started early with N’s Confirmation on April 26th. L’s Mom and our Goddaughter came for a week as our Goddaughter was N’s sponsor.

We had a great time and it is always fun to show and share the things we love about California with family and friends. We kept them busy...San Juan Capistrano Mission, The Montage Hotel, Laguna Beach, Zinc Cafe, Huntington Beach, Ruby's, Big Corona Beach, Gina's Pizza, Fashion Island, Balboa Island, The Charthouse and we did some creative projects....
They left on April 28th … May 2nd we had D’s “kids” party at Laserquest.

Very fun and probably the easiest kids party ever. Monday May 4th is his actual birthday… he brought in Jamba Juice for his birthday treat to school and then he selected Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel for his family dinner.
Thursday I had my yearly scans… why not add a little more excitement to the already hectic 2 months! I had a reaction to the contrast dye during my MRI and although the contrast in the CT scans is Iodine they did not want to take a chance. So I was premedicated with Prednisone, Tagament and Benadryl. I got to drink about 64 ounces of Berry Barium and went in for the scans. My veins where playing hide and seek so after hot packs and ball squeezing and slapping my arm the tech, who I really like, tried to find the vein favored by everyone who has ever taken blood from me as well as a few chemo treatments. He could get the needle in, but it would not accept any solution. He thinks scar tissue is to blame. So after my “ok that is beginning to hurt” remark he decided to start over. Same vein but lower in the forearm. I was begging him not to go into the vein at the wrist because that area is a real tear-jerker. I think my last chemo went there because I was running out of good veins. The actual CT scan does not take long at all and is painless after the prodding and poking to find the vein. I only had the usual reaction to the contrast injection… a warm sensation and you feel like you have just wet your pants… lovely I know. When I was finished and L came to pick me up since I had the Benadryl and was too tired to drive. I lost most of the day resting…perhaps that is why I am now up at 4:00 because I have not been able to sleep since 1:15. Anyway back to the crazy month…
Saturday is L’s birthday, Sunday is Mother’s Day. Then we usually have a break in the action, but not this year… we are moving to a new house so we are packing up and preparing to move on the 15th. My niece is getting married in Denver the beginning of June and then the 7th is N’s birthday. The 11th is our 26th year anniversary and the 15th is my birthday. My birthday is usually the same weekend as Father’s day but this year we will have 6 days in between in which the kids will finish school. Whew! I am tired just thinking about it all. So keep checking the blog for updates but be patient if there is nothing new life is getting in the way. I cannot imagine twittering.. I do not have time for blogging let alone twitter and do people really want to know that what I am doing every minute of the day?… having my scans and I feel like I just wet my pants…I think not.


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