Monday, April 6, 2009

Visitors and a Big Catch...

Saturday we had 2 cousins visiting from Denver. When we have younger visitors we always like to take them to Huntington Beach. It is Surf City USA and it is a young area with a lively vibe. We take the walk on the pier and love to eat at Ruby’s.
Ruby's is a 50’s style diner with great burgers, fries, shakes and my favorite cherry coke. We got a great spot right at the window and got to watch the dolphins frolicking in the water. On many of the piers you will always find tons of people fishing. Saturday was no exception. Suddenly we saw one of the fisherman struggling, his pole bowed and his grip tightening. People rushed over to help him with a net and moral support. The crowd died down as the fish got away. Less than 5 minutes later the excitement was building again. This time he was able to reel the fish in. It surely was a big one. “L” quickly got up from lunch and snapped these pics.

I think it is a tiger shark. After lunch we saw the boys expertly cleaning the days catch… I am sure they ate well that night.

Interesting that not more than 300 feet away were a ton of surfers and even a surf competition!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey mom its nina i was thinking of a new quoted painting/collage you could do... "bring life to life: stop planning, start doing" i got it off of the dove chocolate wrapper.


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