Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Palm Desert and Spring Break!

We decided to split the kid’s spring break up with a few days at home and then 2 nights and 3 days in Palm Desert, CA! I love the desert…I think I was a reptile in my former life… the hotter the better. We realized that it had been 2 ½ years since we had been there… we missed it.

We stay at the Desert Springs Marriott… it is a wonderful resort and I highly recommend it. My only pet peeve and it is not just at the Marriott.. is the reused sheets. I like the environment and all, but if I am spending good money on a hotel room, then I want clean sheets every night! But I digress…We hung by the pool and then went back to a little Italian restaurant that we went the last time… Bellini’s…they have delicious gnocchi. The next day was a repeat by the pool and we went to Bing Crosby’s in Rancho Mirage for dinner. The atmosphere was nice and the music at the piano bar seeped throughout the dining room.

The only drawback to the vacation was that it was spring break for everyone else too! My daughter saw so many people from her school at the same resort and I was a bit tired of being run over by teenagers on the loose and having every button pushed on the elevator! We still enjoyed ourselves and then came back in time to attend a performance of Avenue Q…So funny and creative… perhaps there is more than one use for the Internet!!

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