Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three years

It was 3 years ago today that I heard… ”you have breast cancer.” Today was so much better than that day. I have another year under my belt...I am another year closer to the 5 year mark, the 10 year mark. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but today I am healthy. Moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year…

It’s all good….

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bowling for ACFH

A few weeks ago Art & Creativity for Healing held their annual Palette of Colors Fundraiser and auction. With the economy being in the state that it is …fundraising can be a tricky feat. This year AcH decided to shake things up a bit and hold a FUN raiser. Many new bowling venues have opened across the country and Anaheim 300 recently opened in Orange County. We had the facility from 6-10pm. Ticket prices included shoes, balls, as much bowling as you could muster, pool, gourmet hamburgers, wine, beer, soft drinks and dessert. There were so many fun baskets to bid on during the silent auction, beautiful artwork vacations and a puppy.

We shared 2 lanes with 4 other couples and we had a great time. We won a beach portrait sitting – which I have wanted for quite some time. I lost out on the Tiffany raffle prizes this year although I can’t complain as I have won the raffle twice before… a beautiful lattice glass platter and a sterling silver bracelet. We were all taking turns bowling, a few frames at a time and we were not paying attention to our particular turn to bowl. Therefore I was VERY surprised to have my name called out for the “lowest” bowling score. Not that I could not have done it on my own, but I guess I was hoping if I had help it would have been to NOT win the title! I received a lovely gold and bejeweled bowling pin to commemorate my achievement or lack thereof!!

After all was said and done Art and Creativity raised over $36,000.00 to fund their programs. The newest, Camp Pendleton programs are creating a lot of interest and are helping so many children and families. This is the collage piece that I donated this year.
Laurie asked for something with “hope” as many of us can use a bit of hope this year. The couple that purchased “Hope, Love, Joy” have an outstanding collection of art. I am honored to become a part of their collection.

If you are interest in purchasing a print or Giclee of “Hope, Love, Joy” please contact me at

Friday, April 17, 2009

Laurie is... Not Done Yet

One of our own Motherswithcancer has just had her book published. Not Done Yet …Living Through Breast Cancer. I received my copy over Spring Break, my daughter was relaxing and my son was playing in the neighborhood with his friends so I decided to sit down and get started.

My first thought when I started reading was this book is a quick and easy read. Quick yes… but as I read further I do not think easy is the correct adjective. What Laurie writes about is not easy subject matter. She has taken a very difficult subject and written it into an easy to read format. I read through Parts One and Two very quickly. I sat shaking my head in agreement when my experience was similar. We all know that even though we may be diagnosed with breast cancer… there are many types and therefore many different treatments that may be prescribed.

The hard part for me came in Part Three: Metastasis, or “Worst Case Scenario”. This was so hard for me to read. I do not have metastasis and I did not want to imagine myself dealing with what Laurie has had to deal with. I put the book down for a day or so. Then I told myself… “This is not about me… this is Laurie’s story so just suck it up and keep reading.”

I took the book to my hair appointment and continued reading. I am so glad that I did. I learned much about Laurie throughout the book. From the colorful “knitted” cover photo right through her last post about learning a life lesson from her dog.
There were entries that I laughed while reading… Monday, July 3, 2006 as her boys pretended to be Wolverine. The most touching entry to me… Wednesday, October 10, 2007 Etching Myself in their Memories … spontaneous tears ran down my cheeks right there in the hair salon. I share those same haunting thoughts.

I am glad that I had the chance to learn more about Laurie. I applaud her courage, her creativity and her approach to life. “Metastatic cancer has not ended my life; it has just caused me to live my life differently.” If my story becomes more similar to Laurie’s, I hope I proceed with the same courage and positive outlook.

As I read each post I found myself checking the date of the post and then checking today’s date and reflecting “okay, that was a year ago or two years ago”… thank goodness… she is not done yet!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Palm Desert and Spring Break!

We decided to split the kid’s spring break up with a few days at home and then 2 nights and 3 days in Palm Desert, CA! I love the desert…I think I was a reptile in my former life… the hotter the better. We realized that it had been 2 ½ years since we had been there… we missed it.

We stay at the Desert Springs Marriott… it is a wonderful resort and I highly recommend it. My only pet peeve and it is not just at the Marriott.. is the reused sheets. I like the environment and all, but if I am spending good money on a hotel room, then I want clean sheets every night! But I digress…We hung by the pool and then went back to a little Italian restaurant that we went the last time… Bellini’s…they have delicious gnocchi. The next day was a repeat by the pool and we went to Bing Crosby’s in Rancho Mirage for dinner. The atmosphere was nice and the music at the piano bar seeped throughout the dining room.

The only drawback to the vacation was that it was spring break for everyone else too! My daughter saw so many people from her school at the same resort and I was a bit tired of being run over by teenagers on the loose and having every button pushed on the elevator! We still enjoyed ourselves and then came back in time to attend a performance of Avenue Q…So funny and creative… perhaps there is more than one use for the Internet!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Visitors and a Big Catch...

Saturday we had 2 cousins visiting from Denver. When we have younger visitors we always like to take them to Huntington Beach. It is Surf City USA and it is a young area with a lively vibe. We take the walk on the pier and love to eat at Ruby’s.
Ruby's is a 50’s style diner with great burgers, fries, shakes and my favorite cherry coke. We got a great spot right at the window and got to watch the dolphins frolicking in the water. On many of the piers you will always find tons of people fishing. Saturday was no exception. Suddenly we saw one of the fisherman struggling, his pole bowed and his grip tightening. People rushed over to help him with a net and moral support. The crowd died down as the fish got away. Less than 5 minutes later the excitement was building again. This time he was able to reel the fish in. It surely was a big one. “L” quickly got up from lunch and snapped these pics.

I think it is a tiger shark. After lunch we saw the boys expertly cleaning the days catch… I am sure they ate well that night.

Interesting that not more than 300 feet away were a ton of surfers and even a surf competition!!!


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