Monday, March 9, 2009

Transcending Rejections and Roadblocks

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women
By Gail Meekin

Secret Nine
Transcending Rejections and Roadblocks

I really enjoyed this chapter as many of the messages resonated with me.

Putting yourself out there and sharing your work qualifies as an act of courage and tests your fortitude.

I have been doing this slowly. I am putting my paintings and collages out into the world to see what people’s reactions are. I do believe that events happen for a reason and when they are supposed to. Little by little, one collage at a time.

Sometimes I struggle with selling my paintings; they are like my babies… I spoke to an artist friend of mine who has sold many. She told me you have to “get your message out into the world, to hang on someone else’s walls”; her biggest piece of advice was “you can always make more”.

We must be able to move in the world knowing that not everyone will approve of us or our creative accomplishments consistently.

I think this is good advice not just for our creative endeavors, but life in general. We have to do our work and let our creative message out. Not everyone will like our work or approve of our message, but that does not mean that we should not create.
When I spoke to an agent about my work she had told me it was not Middle America enough. If I wanted to have my work licensed I may have to change my style to sell. I immediately thought “I do not want to change my style to sell my work.” My next thought was so my work is not Middle America… that is not a bad thing.”

Locate people who have accomplished what you want to and try to meet them, read about them or study their work. Try to figure out the secrets of their success.

I love to do this. The internet has made this so much easier. Even being a part of this blog group is an example of that. To me, it is research and it opens up my eyes to other paths that people have taken to get them where they want to go. Their path may not be the right path for me, but at least it brings the options into my consciousness and then I can decide what I want to try or better yet, what I do not want to try!
We can decide how we want to use the information that we have gathered to further our creative life, but just like Gail Meekin’s final sentence in this chapter:

We each have to be true to ourselves first.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful message - in your art and in your words.

I love the way your instinct spoke up at that agent's roadblock. Here's to finding the right audience for you!

Genie Sea said...

The piece in this post is very captivating! I was lost in the details for a while!

The thoughts are very wise! Continued success!

Kate Robertson said...

I love your thougts on this. I thought that I hadn't resonated with the chapter but you made me see it differently.



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