Friday, January 30, 2009

Surrendering to Creative Cycles

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women
By Gail Meekin

Secret 4 – Surrendering to Creative Cycles

Change thrusts us into chaos, and it takes time to reorder things and find a new route.

My change was cancer… I am a 33 month survivor…I will never be the same and that is not all bad. I have learned many lessons. I am out of the major chaos of active treatment and into the world of survivorship. I am lucky that I have time to reorder things and find a new route. I am lucky. Many diagnosed do not have the gift of time.

Responding to our needs for rest and new experiences reigns as a key requisite in fueling our creative cycles.

It is so true. I was not big on self care, until my life depended on it… literally. Now I have to listen to my body… to rest…to eat properly… to stop worrying…

Change is like a river that flows through each of our lives, and we need to learn to navigate its nuances.

It is not a new story… someone needs a major illness or catastrophy to make the needed changes in their lives. Cancer was my river… I was dumped into the rapids… it is calmer now, but I am still navigating my way on this new and different path.

Change has an impact on us as a creative vessel. Aligning ourselves with what life bestows upon us, accepting the inevitability of endings and emptiness, and envisioning new heights of growth and achievement honors the cycles of death and rebirth.

Change is good. Creativity is good. Health is good. Life is good. Surrendering is good.


Genie Sea said...

Indeed! It's all good! :)

titania said...

sweetheart - I am so thrilled by your insights! YOUR VIEW IS A GIFT!!And your contribution is a gift to found words that spoke to my heart. Thank you for surviving and documenting your way.....your soulsister Titania

Lisa said...

Yes, it's all good - especially your recovery and your blog header art. There's so much joy in your art, coming from what must have been a dark time - beautiful.

risa said...

Thanks for sharing. There was much wisdom and truth in what you wrote.

patti said...

It is so good that you are in a nourishing creative cycle now, after such a tough time.

Beautiful artwork!


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