Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Honoring Your Inspirations

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women
By Gail Meekin

Secret 2 – Honoring Your Inspirations

In the madness of this frantic workaholic era, it is far too easy to rush by the roses and never see the world around you.

Cancer again helped me in this area… My greatest lesson learned from cancer is to stop and smell the flowers, but also to see them and the beautiful things that surround us each day.

When my husband and I would vacation to Florida (while living in the East) – I would find that I would get a flourish of ideas. They would just pop into my head. I am not sure if it was that we were on vacation so all of the clutter of everyday life was not filling up my brain or was it just being in the sun and letting the warmth relax me?

My inspiration comes from many things – I think mostly it comes from just taking everything in… being observant, looking, listening. I believe if we are aware of everything around us, ideas will come forth when we need them. I do not have a specific time that I get new ideas. Many times it is while I am in the shower or those few minutes that I am waiting for the kids. I now allow myself some time to actually think of new ideas…

During my cancer treatment the doctor would tell me to walk as much as I could. Just after my first chemo treatment, my sister and I walked to the grocery store – about ½ mile away. I had to sit and rest even longer that it took us to get there. As I got healthier it was easier to walk longer distances, but it was taking a big part of my day. I decided to try and build up to jogging – that way I was getting exercise but it was not taking quite so long. I HATE running, the more I focused on running the harder it was. I would try to go one more sidewalk block each day – or run to the stop sign etc. It was so hard. Then I decided I was going to think of something else, a new idea or something that I wanted to create. I found that I could run the distance that I wanted, because my mind was focused on something I liked instead of something I hated.

My problem has never really been to come up with the ideas (other than a few really bad projects in college – I can hear my roommate, Heather laughing at my lamp project from heaven) but to put them into action… I am sure this book will let me in on that secret a little later…

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