Monday, January 5, 2009

Goals 1999-2009

I have been thinking about 2008 and my goals for 2009. Today the kids are back in school and I have some quiet time to get it all down on virtual paper. When I was perusing my old files I came across my Mission Statement for 1999. After reading what I wrote 10 years ago, I decided to keep much of it for my 2009 Personal Mission Statement. I have adjusted some of the specific goals, details really (we were planning for second child then and we still lived back in New York)

but I think the overall concept is still pertinent:

I would like to lead a balanced life:
· some time for my children
· some time for my husband
· some time for myself
· some time for my family
· some time for my work
· some time for my friends
· some time for my relatives
· some time for my art
· some time for nothing

I have had to add one item that I guess really did not enter my consciousness too much back then…

I want to stay healthy

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