Thursday, January 29, 2009

Following Your Fascinations

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women
By Gail Meekin

Secret 3 – Following Your Fascinations

It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s quite another to trust your idea and follow where it leads. Following your fascinations means taking risks and venturing out from the safe harbor to the open seas.

To be truly creative, you must be willing to try and fail, and then get over it.

Fear… it is a biggie. I vacillate back and forth between what I would really like to do… the life that I would like to create for myself and the life that I have been living. I am trying to learn that I do not have to be perfect. I can follow my dreams, make mistakes, create my art, and get my message out to the world. Make a creative difference.

Cancer again helped in this area… it gave me a chance… no it forced me to get off of the merry go round of life. To really look at what I was doing, and ask myself “where do I want to go?” It gave me time to creatively play as I was not good for too much else.
Now that I am healthy I am riding this new ride…. A roller coaster…with ups and downs, feelings of fear and exhilaration, speed and abrupt stops. It is taking me to new places… I still have to deal with my fear, but also learn to relax and enjoy the ride…

Speaking of following my fascinations and venturing out…This week the CHA, (Craft and Hobby Association) show was in town. It was in my backyard I wanted to go to soak up any information that I could about licensing my artwork.
Like most trade shows it was overwhelming, but I asked a lot of questions and picked up a lot of information and advice.

I was looking to meet Claudine Hellmuth and Kelly Rae Roberts, but I missed both. But I met some other wonderful artists like Traci Bautista… I love her work and use of color. I met Jenny Doh from Somerset Studios and Lisa Guerin.

I have always loved finding out about people, their stories any advice they can give. Many people were so nice and generous with their information and then there are always a few who are just an interesting study in human nature.

One in particular, a licensing agent… who at first was very nice when she thought I was a buyer… then when I started asking her about artists and the licensing process and the artist she represented her eyes were looking everywhere except toward me. In mid sentence a buyer walked into the booth and she was gone. I was not offended… I realize it is a dog eat dog world, but an “excuse me” would have been nice. I just laughed and said “good-bye“to her. I did not let it ruin my day… it is just fascinating in a different way…

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