Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Missing Ted's and Wings, but not snow...

My sister sent this video to me and I love it… it makes me want a hot dog. We grew up near Buffalo and Ted’s is a mainstay. Whenever the weather would start to get nice you could be sure that the line would be outside the door with people having a hankering for Ted’s. When I was in school in NYC I would eat the street dogs with mustard and sauerkraut, they were okay but like the video…they do not compare. In California – forget it… there is nothing that compares (at least not that I have had yet). Usually when we go back to visit or a visitor comes out here they bring a 5lb. package of Sahlen’s dogs and we freeze them.

Then there are the wings… I cannot tell you how many people do not realize that Buffalo wings are from Buffalo, NY. It is pretty amazing when you think about it, that a Mom served wings to her son and his friends late one night at their restaurant – The Anchor Bar and now they are on most menus across the country. They are not made the same way as the originals, but they do try…

Lastly, Beef on Weck (Kummelweck). Not my favorite as the weck is a bit salty, but there really is nothing like a good roast beef sandwich – I just ask for a Kaiser roll instead.

Buffalo has some other exclusives, sponge candy (my favorite is from Antoinette’s Sweets – their turtles and caramels are yummy too), Weber’s Mustard (although you may be able to get that other places now), Bison chip dip, mmmm… I am getting hungry. So when people look at us out here and say we do not eat really healthy – we all look at each other and say…”you have no idea!”

I think I may place an order for some of my favorites….

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