Monday, November 10, 2008

Girls Night Out ... for a cause

Friday night I attended the annual Girls Night Out Fundraiser for Art and Creativity for Healing. It is usually held at an interesting venue with music, dinner, drinks etc. As everyone knows this year has been especially hard, but even more so for many non-profit organizations. Being the creative organization that it is – my goodness Creativity is its middle name - it was changed up a bit this year. One of the board members offered to host the event at her fabulous home. The event was scaled down and 90 women were in attendance. Each attendee bought their ticket and also brought an item to be auctioned during the event.
This was my donation:

We had unbelievable items to bid on during the silent auction - jewelry, home decorations, artwork, spa treatments, teeth whitening – (which I lost out on at the last minute). There was also a live auction for some of the larger donated items and a scholarship pledge to fund various programs for children.
The 4 programs that ACFH is especially looking for donations are:
• Bedside art programs at Children’s Hospital in Orange
• Programs for the families at Camp Pendleton
• Bereavement programs for children
• Programs for teens in a recovery home

Our bartenders for the evening were the male board members. Each lady was served a delicious “boxed” dinner and we had our choice of venues to partake the meal. The sleek white and stainless kitchen, the table for 14 in the dining room, the comfortable sectional in the family room or the relaxing patio listening to the ocean waves crash below.

The event was much more low key than in past years but was much more intimate. You felt like you were in a gallery for visual art as well as architecture and furniture design.

While at the party the host’s son and some of his friends arrived:

If you have teens in your home, ask them if they know this person. They most likely will say “yes”. If they watch Life of Ryan on MTV they will realize that this is one of Ryan’s best friends Mitch. Mitch is a very polite and gracious young man who said “yes” when I asked if I could take a picture of him for my daughter. He said we both should be in the picture to which I replied “I do not really think she wants me in the picture”. We took 2 - one with and one without me!!

I asked if he minded if I put him on my blog and he said “you have a myspace?” I said no, not yet, just a blog!!
I sent a text to my daughter to tell her he was there and told her that he is even more handsome in person than on TV. To which she replied “How old do you have to be to go to GNO?” and “You are sooo lucky!!”

The evening was a lot of fun and we raised money for a good cause. If anyone would like to provide a scholarship for any of the above programs head on over to Art and Creativity for Healing, click on Donate to ACFH and select the scholarship type that you would like to fund.

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