Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My life the past few days and the next few days is filled with Reflections. Not the type of Reflections that most would think would be on this blog. I am speaking of the National PTA contest. I am the chairperson for my son's school. The children submit their ideas for this year's theme of "WOW" in visual arts, literature, photography, dance choreography, musical composition and video/film production. We had 132 entries from 90 students. Almost one third of the student body. I have cataloged them and they are ready for our 3 judges. Friday all of the children that participated get to make their own artful creation in ice cream after they eat their lunch. (of course we realize that is the main reason the participation is growing each year)
The winners will be announced next week and the 1st place entries will move onto the district level of judging. I love promoting children to be creative. Some of the entries are unbelievable, my favorites are always the ones that you can tell are truly the kids ideas. When creativity is encouraged, nurtured and rewarded it is amazing what can happen.....


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Anonymous said...

I used to do the writing portion when I was a kid. Loved it. I also did the recordings for the music ones as a teacher. Cool program.


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