Thursday, October 16, 2008


My 4 month check-up with my oncologist was scheduled at the end of September. The day before the appointment the office called to cancel and I had to reschedule for yesterday. Even though I am feeling good there is always a certain amount of anxiety that pops up prior to any doctor's appointment. When it was cancelled, it was a short relief until this week. The anxiety builds until the appointment.
It was a pretty easy one though - 1 hour flat - unbelieveable!!
Weigh -in, Blood work, chat with the nurse - review medicine and symptoms.

The doctor comes in and gives me a big hug. "You've made it to the first big milestone - 2 year survivor" (2 year, 5 year and 10 year are the big ones) and proceeds to ask me a ton of questions...
Are you exercising? - yes - jogging 2 -3 miles 3 times per week,
How are the hot flashes? - not as bad as during chemo (as the nurse said -"we hit you so hard during chemo that any flashes after do not feel as bad"),
We talk about the hip pain I have been having - side effect due to lack of estrogen, but my hip bone density is great
How is your brain function? - forgetting some names
He performs my physical exam and asks about the kids, etc.
He says my blood work looks good.
He tells me to keep my stress level down - okay I need to work on that one.

We talk about the Komen race and he mentions how powerful it was. I spoke of how encouraging it was to sit by a woman wearing 20 strands of beads. We both agree we have come so far in this cancer fight, but we have so far to go. He talks about 3 new drugs on the cusp of being approved.

I show him the MotherswithCancer flyer and talk about our site, he thinks it is wonderful and asks me to give it to the nurses to post. He will see me in February after the San Antonio Conference. I always thank him and tell him to thank his wife for giving up so much of him while he is saving so many lives. I love my doctor... I love his bedside manner... I love his nurses... I am blessed to be one of his patients.

I say hi to all of the patients getting an infusion on my way back to the nurses station. I remember all to clearly the 8 times I sat in those exact chairs. I catch up with the other nurses. I get a flu shot.

My anxiety is relieved for another 4 months... I treat myself to a Jamba Juice... It was a GREAT day.

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Anonymous said...

It does sound like a great day!Congratulation! :)


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