Thursday, October 9, 2008

laugh. dance. cure.

My husband wrote in to the ellen show and got 2 tickets!! My daughter and I were in the audience yesterday. What a fun day!!!!
We got up to LA about 2:30 and checked in, walked over to the studio and received our instructions, no sunglasses, no gum, turn off cell phones, no cameras, no grabbing ellen…. We were seated in the studio and the warm-up guy got us dancing and cheering. During every commercial everyone dances and cheers and sometimes they have dance contests. Ellen came out, she looked great and when it was time for her to dance she danced right across our row!!!

Harry Connick Jr. was on speaking about his new movie about the Doctor who developed Herceptin. He dunked the guy from “The Office” in the dunk tank for breast cancer. Microsoft donates $10,000 to the cause for each dunk. Two cute little sisters who are expected to become the next Williams Sisters were on – so cute….. Chris Brown danced – and my daughter could not have been more excited. I can not believe that he is only 19. We got some fun giveaways and then spent some money in the Ellen shop. She has a bunch of stuff with her laugh. dance. cure logo. They will register you to vote if you are not registered so she also has laugh. dance. vote.

We got a special treat after the regular show, they taped a segment that will be on a special show that Ellen will be doing later this year – this amazing magician performed – incredible.
It was a great day – great memories for me and great memories with my daughter. Our show will air today October 9 - so you know what we will be doing today at 4:00pm!!

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I am gonna tape it!


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