Monday, September 29, 2008

OC Race for the Cure

Over 2000 survivors sat on the steps today for the survivor tribute at the Komen OC Race for the Cure. I was sitting next to a 20 year survivor. I cannot tell you how encouraging it was so sit next to and see so many who wore so many pink bead strands. It is possible. During the survivor tribute a few spoke of reoccurrences – which is a very scary thought – believe me I try to push it out of my thoughts daily. They have such hope… some were on their 3rd reoccurrence and continue to fight. One of my favorite moments is when they ask the survivors to stand by the number of years of survivorship. Over 25 years… over 20 years… over 15 years… over 10 years… over 5 years… over 1 year… all survivors.

Another favorite is when they let the white doves loose.... although I have to admit you hope they have not eaten too much before flight!!!

We have come so far in the breast cancer fight but as you walk and read the signs of “In memory of” it just shows how much further we still need to go. We were walking behind a few who walked in honor of Melinda. She passed in January and today would have been her 51st birthday.

This is my neighbor. She gave me so much encouragement during my treatment. She still goes out of her way to tell me she is thinking about me and asks how I am doing. She is an almost 9 year survivor.

I loved being at the race today with my family. My sister came to visit and to walk the race. Two years ago she came to stay with us for 3 weeks while I had my mastectomy. It has been so nice to have her here. It is so nice to be healthy.


Anonymous said...

im so proud of you mom you have come such a long way!!! i dont know where i would be without you today you give me so much encouragment and support i cant thank you enough. you wake up early to come to my crosscountry races at like 7 in the morning... at least you dont have to wake up at 530... anyway just wanted to say thank you and i love you sooo much!!!
<3 nina

Anonymous said...

Ok I am just crying looking at your post! So proud of you!


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