Friday, September 19, 2008

My Dream...

Last year part of an essay that I wrote was published in
the local paper. My title was
“What a difference a year makes….”
In September of 2006 I was not able to participate in the Komen Walk because I had just finished Chemo and I was scheduled for my bi-lateral Mastectomy in a few weeks.
By September of 2007, I was finished with my treatment
with the exception of 2 outpatient surgeries and I was able
to walk in the 5K and be a part of the survivor tribute ceremony.

When I dropped the kids off at school last September I
went to Barnes and Noble and bought some craft/art magazines to get some new ideas for the new life that I wanted to create after cancer.

An article in
Cloth, Paper, Scissors
by Kelly Rae Roberts
spoke to me so deeply that I had to send in a
comment to the editor.
The article spoke of Kelly Rae’s path from
a social worker to living the creative life as an artist.
This is something that I have dreamed of for awhile.
I have been busy all year creating mixed media
collages, acrylic paintings and fused glass jewelry.
Kelly Rae has a “style” but I felt my work was all
over the board.
Perhaps I needed a style of my own. So I just kept
creating. At this same time I went back to my old
interior design job as a consultant. I needed to know
that I could work and function as a professional after
my cancer.

I started donating my fused glass jewelry and my collages
to various non-profit fundraising auctions - I felt it was a good way to get an idea if people liked my work. Even though I would love to be a full-time artist, I need to bring
in a salary. It is an endless fight in my brain, continue being an interior designer as it is where I have the most experience, go back to school and get my Master’s, get my credential to be an art teacher??? I can always create my
art while having a “real job”.

So after my interview experiences over the summer (see last post) I felt I had to figure out some other way to make a salary, something more flexible. My daughter said one night at dinner…” maybe God does not want you to find a job, because He wants you to sell your art and jewelry.” I think deep down I really want that too, but it is hard to believe in yourself sometimes.

Currently, I have a part-time interior design job consulting for an architect, I am a part-time Art for Healing facilitator and I am trying to build a business of selling my art and jewelry. I am preparing to sell on Etsy and on my own website. My dream would be to sell my jewelry, my original art and prints. I would love to have my artwork licensed on products. I want to keep working on the many children’s book ideas that I have as well as working on the other trillion ideas that I have come up with over the years. There, I said it… my true dream.

The next step on this path is to have some of my work framed and entered in a juried show. So I picked a few pieces and met with a framer. There was one piece that I wanted to have scanned before it was framed so I dropped it off at the photography shop that I use. The next day someone from the shop called me and asked me how much I sell my work for? “Ah, well, I have mostly donated my pieces for charity.” He wanted to buy the piece that I took in. I quickly figured out a price and told him and he said “yes” and then proceeded to tell me
that I need to raise my prices!!!
The next day I went in to the shop to meet him and he
told that his wife liked the collage so much that she wants
one for her office and one for home. He “commissioned” me to create another in the same style as the first. He called me back a bit later and asked if I would work larger. So I am
now working larger than I ever have before and working
on my first commissioned piece!!!

The income is not enough to live on yet, but it sure has
given me confidence that perhaps this is my path.
Maybe this dream of mine could come true. Again, the difference another year makes…

I also think it is interesting that the first piece that I
sold is my number one lesson learned from Cancer!

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