Saturday, July 5, 2008

Here's to Punk Rock Mommy

Usually each morning I check my email, then check Mothers with Cancer blog, then if I have time I ususally scroll through each of the "Mothers" individual blogs checking for new posts. This morning I only had time to check my email and the Mothers with Cancer blog. This evening, when I had a moment to check the individual blogs my first was Punk Rock Mommy. I got a glimpse and said "oh no". As I read the last 3 posts I started to cry. My son was aware that I was crying and he came over to ask me if my something happened to one of my friends. I told him yes, that she had died and that she had 6 children. He is very insightful and knew from my gasp and tears. He gave me a hug and said he was sorry and then asked what had happened to her. I told him she had breast cancer. I went into my room for a minute and then I came back to tell him that she had a very fast moving breast cancer (different than mine) and that when she found hers it was much further along than mine. That she fought it for a year. I know he still worries about me. He said "I know Mom - It really depends on when you find the cancer. The sooner you find it, the better."

I never met Andrea - I found her blog after I started mine in January. She had such a way of writing. Her honesty, her faith, her love for her kids. I especially like a part in her last post of how she "packed alot of living into that year that she was dying." The other part I liked is "that we have to be happy despite our circumstances" it is so hard to do sometimes, but I understand.

When I attended the OC Breast Health Symposium in March one of the speakers from Komen spoke about how instead of saying someone "lost their battle to breast cancer" he believes they pass the torch to those of us still living. Andrea has passed the torch us to get the message out. Please say a prayer for those who loved her and her 6 children. If you do not know about Inflammatory Breast Cancer - please learn about it.

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