Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cranberry Soup

Yesterday I took my son and his friend to the park. I sat on a bench in the sun with my sketchbook to try and get some ideas on paper. There were 3 other little kids there playing in the sand. Eventually they came over to play not more than one foot away from me on the bench I was sitting on. As my 8 year old boys played on the equipment I became engaged in a discussion with two 3 year old boys and one 2 year old girl. They had a plastic "fish" container and they were busy putting sand and berries into the container. I asked if they were making soup? "Yes, it is cranberry soup." They had used up their water supply and had spotted my Snapple. He wanted me to pour my Snapple into his soup. When I was not so eager to oblige he reminded me that I could just get some more when I went home. I thanked him for the offer, but declined to add to his "soup".

I asked their names - The little girls' name was Logan, the one boy (the original soup chef) was Stone and I forgot the other boy's name. When Stone told me his name at first I said "really" but then he looked at me and I realized that it was his name. (perhaps his Mom liked Stone Phillips?) Stone then proceeded to ask me my name "Mary Beth I said," he looked at me and laughed and said "that is the funniest name I ever heard" -(touche)!!!

The next topic was Moms. They asked me where my Mom was? I said that she was no longer living. "Then I guess you better get a new one" " A new one, how do you do that?" I asked. " you get a baby in your tummy and then you are a new Mom". Blue eyes - I will call him that because I can not remember his name, said "my Mom is 77" to be followed by Stone " my Mom is 70,60,40" to be followed by "that is not a real number".

Next topic: my kids... "which one is yours?" I told them and they wanted to know how old they were. when I said eight they both tried to tell me at the same time that they have older friends who are mean to them, one is 4 and one is 6 and one is Joseph and one is Daniel.
Throughout this whole conversation Logan just kept getting baggies full of sand and bringing them back to the soup.

It was now time for us to go and pick up my daughter from tennis, I called my boys and then I said goodbye to my new friends. They were going home with their nannies. They had to abandon their soup as the container was just found at the park and it was not theirs.

I think a lot was discussed in less than one hour. We did not do any big business, no power lunch, we did not solve the world's problems (except maybe to figure out how to get a new Mom), but it took me back a few years and reminded me of how much I enjoy children's imaginations.

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