Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Signs of a New Path

The other day my daughter said "don't you just wish we could stop the world and get off for awhile?" I have wished that same thing many times. I think my time during cancer treatment did just that for me. I had to get off the Merry go Round and focus on getting myself well. During that time I really tried to do some things that I had not done in a long while - if ever. A lot of self-care and a lot of art. I am now trying to find my way after cancer treatment and I am ready to get back on the Merry go Round, while trying to remember not to go too fast. Sometimes when we try to go in a different direction or path it seems like it is just not working, but I think I am starting to see signs that just maybe it is:

The hospital where I had my treatments offers a Creative Expressions art workshop 4 times a year. We all painted wings and made one large piece titled"Free as a Bird". It is hanging up in the Cancer Center and it is now a flyer for National Cancer Survivors' Day celebrations for the Hospital. My wings are the bottom, center rainbow pair.

I have been involved with Art & Creativity for Healing since 2004, the founder, Laurie Zagon has a book coming out in the summer and my story and the impact that Art for Healing has had on me as well as a few pieces of my work will be in the book.

I have been sending some of my work to magazines and I just received notice that a piece will be published in the July/August issue of Somerset Studios.

I originally started this blog after reading Kelly Rae Roberts articles in Cloth,Paper,Scissors as a way to get my artwork "out there". I have mixed in a little of everything, because I have many interests. I have linked to many different blogs and found some pretty amazing people who have had their lives changed by cancer. I have been asked to join a new blog group of Mothers with Cancer. I am so excited to give back and help others who have not asked to join this club, but indeed are now members.

For a long time now I have prayed to God to give me guidance. Recently I have also added to that prayer, that I may actually hear what He is telling me. I think He has been telling me, but maybe I was just not listening. I believe that everything happens for a reason. One day at a time and one step at a time I will continue on this new path.....

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