Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's My Birthday!

During my 44th year I decided that I was not going to have any more unhappy birthdays. Well 6 weeks before my 45th birthday I was diagnosed with cancer. I was to have my third chemo treatment the day before my birthday. I thought of postponing it so I could enjoy my day, I had plans to go to Disneyland and spend the day with the kids. Then I decided that it was more important to stay on schedule and hopefully the chemicals would work and I could celebrate bigger for my 46th. So on my 45th birthday I was very tired, I had no hair and I could barely taste my ice cream cake.
But the next year (2007) was probably, no was the BEST birthday I ever had. We went to Disneyland and we had a great time. For the first time in a year we had fun and cancer was not on our minds. My son actually looked and hugged me that night like I was the Mom he remembered. This year I chose Disneyland again. I love Disney - I always say that I could live there. Now that we live so close, the kids and I go a lot. I listened to my birthday phone call and wish from Goofy and we had fun. I guess we never know when we will be celebrating our last birthday and even though we get older each year it truly is better than the alternative. I hope one of kids' memories is that their Mother loved to go to Disney with them. I know they are good memories for me.

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